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CranioCatch is an initiative that emerged from academic studies aiming to evaluate dental radiographs using artificial intelligence. Our research initially focused on the detection of simple dental findings using AI, and upon observing the high success rates of our AI models, steps were taken towards developing a clinical decision support system software that can automatically evaluate radiographs and provide output in the form of reports.

Currently, our 2D Clinic, Education, and Labeling module has been made available to our users, while work is still ongoing for the development of the 3D Clinic and Orthodontics modules.Our team is formed by the collaboration of experts in the fields of computer science and dentistry, bringing together a multidisciplinary perspective. Additionally, numerous academicians, senior professionals, and dentists from our country and around the world have believed in our idea and formed our labeling army.

The development of this software is driven by fundamental problems such as the excessive workload of dentists, the inadequacy of experienced dentists, and the limited time dentists have for radiographic interpretation. Furthermore, the possibility of human errors in diagnosis and the need for radiograph reporting are additional factors that need to be considered due to the resulting problems in terms of both time and cost.

The pandemic period has highlighted the need for online education for students who cannot come to the clinic, and the digital transformation in dentistry has made AI-supported systems a necessity of the age. CranioCatch, on its path to transforming dentistry with the power of artificial intelligence, leads the digital transformation of dentistry with its state-of-the-art technology products.

Our vision

Artificial intelligence has been our support to produce innovative solutions with high added value and to compete with foreign market players. Our top priorities are to be among the leading invitiatives in both turkish and international technology sectors by ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and employees, in addition to being a health iniviative reference in oral and dental treatments by having, working at the best level within our team and infrastructure as our value.

Our Mission

To provide artificial intelligence supported solutions and original products to different requests and needs. To set an example in customer satisfaction by providing high performance and quality service.To produce projects according to the needs of clinics, craniocatch being a solution giver, in line with the new and inevitable realities brought by the information age.To perform our services in accordance with national and international legal regulations and standards.To bring quality, accurate and fast treatment services to patients who want to receive oral and dental health services in our country or internationally.

Our Team

Our Team

Associate Professor İbrahim Şevki Bayrakdar
Associate Professor İbrahim Şevki Bayrakdar Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist
Associate Professor Ahmet Faruk Aslan
Associate Professor Ahmet Faruk Aslan Mathematics-Computer Sciences
Associate Professor Elif Bilgir
Associate Professor Elif Bilgir Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology
Associate Professor Mehmet Uğurlu
Associate Professor Mehmet Uğurlu Orthodontics