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How can you use CranioCatch?

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3 Reporting

Select the images to be analyzed and upload them to the system.

Start AI analysis with one click.

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Veri - Data
Analiz - Analysis
Raporlama - Report

Get Faster Solutions with Artificial Intelligence!

Make your patient follow-up easier by faster and reliable diagnoses on your radiographs with artificial intelligence!


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CranioCatch Clinic

The use of artificial intelligence to analyze radiological images of patients offers an innovative product that provides many advantages in terms of speed and accuracy. This product uses powerful artificial intelligence algorithms to effectively analyze 2D radiographs and quickly deliver results to doctors.

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CranioCatch Orthodontics

CranioCatch provides the analysis of teeth, jaws and face with artificial intelligence in orthodontic radiography and images..


Automatic cephalometric analysis via 2D and 3D radiological images


Cervical vertebral maturation analysis


Segmentation of teeth and anatomical structures via automatic thresholding over CBCT images

CranioCatch Education

CranioCatch enables dental students to learn dento-maxillofacial anatomy and pathologies practically, thanks to artificial intelligence.

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Opportunity to practice with artificial intelligence on radiographs

Applications icon created with artificial intelligence

Exams and applications that instructors can create with artificial intelligence

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Better quality and efficient dental education powered by artificial intelligence technology

CranioCatch Annotation

You can develop an artificial intelligence model by labeling findings with different labeling tools on radiographs.

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Over 4500 label options

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More than 400000 radiographs uploaded so far

Why Us?

With artificial intelligence-supported health technologies, we help patients to make diagnosis, follow-up and treatment processes fast and personalized!

Radiograph archiving with cloud storage

Save time thanks to rapid diagnosis

Personalized and safe treatment plans

Systematic patient follow-up and control of the treatments applied

Fast and reliable diagnosis powered by AI

Increased patient satisfaction with personalized report




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