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CranioCatch at the final of "Health Technologies Demo Day"...

CranioCatch at the final of "Health Technologies Demo Day"...

CranioCatch has added a new one to its achievements again! The initiative, which aims to create innovation by using it efficiently in the health sector, was among the finalists of the "Health Technologies Demo Day" organized by startups_watch.

Hearing this exciting news, the CranioCatch team, with great happiness and pride, passed that they were nominated for the award. Under the leadership of Startups_watch, the demo day brought together many initiatives operating in the field of health technologies. CranioCatch, which was previously included in the artificial intelligence-supported guide map of Start up watch Turkey, was entitled to be a finalist this time.

CranioCatch was successful in the first demo day with its talented and pioneering work in the field of artificial intelligence supported dentistry. The initiative had the opportunity to come together with potential ideas, which attracted great interest from both readers and jury members.

The CranioCatch team was even more motivated by the positive feedback you received from your demo day, adding to their success. CranioCatch, which has made a name for itself by running the runs they have in the field of artificial intelligence supported health software, continues without interrupting its use after the demo work.

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