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CranioCatch at TIM-TEB Venture House...

CranioCatch at TIM-TEB Venture House...

CranioCatch continues to take the word forever from those in entrepreneurial environments with acquired and technological solutions. Finally, Entrepreneurship House Start-Up invitations, organized in cooperation with the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) and the Turkish Economy Bank (TEB), were accepted.

This program is considered as one of the most important entrepreneurship support programs in Turkey. CranioCatch's acceptance of this program is considered a major step forward for the success of the initiative. The TİM-TEB Start-Up Program provides financial support to entrepreneurs, as well as comprehensive training in marketing, management, innovation and other business procedures.

CranioCatch's acceptance of this program is important in terms of both increasing the financial income of the startup and gaining more knowledge and experience in business management. Through this program, CranioCatch is expected to achieve the goal, continue growth and achieve.

The success of CranioCatch in the field of AI-powered healthcare software provides the weighted and worldwide implications of the initiative. TİM-TEB Start-Up House is considered as an indicator of the belief in the success and potential of the startup in the acceptance of Start-Up restrictions. It is expected that CranioCatch will continue to produce and develop successful projects in the future.

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