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CranioCatch's venture to ITU Çekirdek Kuluçka...

CranioCatch's venture to ITU Çekirdek Kuluçka...

Craniocatch aims to perform radiography studies in dentistry faster and more accurately by using artificial intelligence technology. Thanks to artificial intelligence studies, dentists can understand radiography images better and accelerate the diagnosis process and reach more accurate results.

This external project was deemed successful by the İTÜ Çekirdek Pre-Incubation request and the end-of-training jury, and was entitled to become the İTÜ Çekirdek Pre-Incubation initiative. Craniocatch has become a major competitor with devices and technological solutions in the field of dentistry.

Does CranioCatch have features?

Artificial intelligence supported dentistry makes the treatment easier and faster by offering significant advantages in terms of speed and accuracy. Craniocatch seems to have an important place in the dentistry sector with its solutions in this field.

In Craniocatch's dentistry, these consumable solutions will improve the quality of healthcare, allowing patients to be treated faster and more accurately. Thanks to artificial intelligence technology, dentists will be able to provide a better service to patients by obtaining more reliable results from the radiography processing process.

The success of Craniocatch is also a testament to the continued use of technological innovations in dentistry. These developments will allow patients to be treated with better quality and more effective, and they will be able to achieve significant success in the fields that follow the innovations in the field of dentistry.

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