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CranioCatch successfully completed its investment round in 12 hours...

CranioCatch successfully completed its investment round in 12 hours...

CranioCatch continues to consolidate its place among Turkey's leading artificial intelligence elements! CranioCatch, which had a great success with its crowdfunding campaign in the past days, received an investment of 1.260.000 TL with the contribution of 200.000 TL of Ankara Development Agency and funder GSYF. This success once again proves the usefulness and value of CranioCatch in entrepreneurship systems.

CranioCatch shows that CranioCatch has a strong structure by providing support by making possible investments such as Ankara Development Agency and fund finder GDP, while offering options suitable for their own budget through the fund finder platform with a spending investment campaign.

Behind the development of CranioCatch is the use of artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry to deliver a breakthrough innovation in early detection and hunting. This approach, which also attracts the attention of investors, further increases CranioCatch's contribution to the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The investment that CranioCatch has received is seen as an important step in the direction of the enterprise. With this investment, CranioCatch will grow even more and will continue to be used in the field of artificial intelligence-supported health technologies. With the contribution of new investments, CranioCatch's impact and success in the world of entrepreneurship will increase day by day

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