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CranioCatch on the "Artificial Intelligence Initiatives in Türkiye" map...

CranioCatch on the "Artificial Intelligence Initiatives in Türkiye" map...

CranioCatch has once again made a promise by taking part in Turkey's most comprehensive artificial intelligence map. The first version of Turkey Artificial Intelligence Startups Map, which lists 298 startups by, has been published. CranioCatch initiative, which is included in this map, has taken its place among the rising values ​​in the artificial intelligence sector in Turkey.

CranioCatch, which has signed many people with solutions for use methods in the field of artificial intelligence supported dentistry, continues to promise what it has on the leading platforms of entrepreneurship settlement in Turkey. While the map published by acts as a filter between artificial intelligence elements in Turkey, it also clearly reveals the point CranioCatch has reached in this field.

CranioCatch initiative is among the most remarkable names of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey, with solutions with methods used in the field of artificial intelligence supported dentistry.

took. This comprehensive map by also identifies successful names that shape the industry and bring together the rising values ​​of artificial intelligence features in Turkey. The inclusion of CranioCatch on this map has been a promising step towards the eventual success of the initiative.

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